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  • Ten tricks against dark circles under the eyes
    Опубликовано: 2023-11-19 10:10:13

    Thanks to modern cosmetics manufacturers for such wonderful makeup products as concealer and highlighter. they help to camouflage such a common problem of almost all working women - dark circles under the eyes. but, unfortunately, do not get rid of them. let's try to act together with makeup products: let them tone down the imperfections, and we will try to reduce dark circles through nutrition, lifestyle changes and other small tricks.

    Reconsider your diet.
    Salty food and alcohol are the cause of puffiness under the eyes, as well as dark circles. if you exclude these products from your diet, you will soon notice that in the morning your face will be less puffy and puffy. in addition, the exclusion of alcohol and salty foods in general will improve your health, give a sense of lightness to the whole body. it is very important not to eat these products before going to bed. and if you had to - prepare in the morning ice for swelling and lemon water for detox.

    don't rub your eyes.
    In general, try to touch the skin around your eyes with your hands as little as possible, only with cotton pads or soft sponges.

    buy a good pillow.
    not so long ago, a whole wave of materials about the harm of pillows swept across the glossy and the Internet: they say that it is best to sleep on the flattest possible surface and on a very small pillow, almost like Buddhist monks do - on a rolled-up towel under the head. however, a low pillow leads to fluid retention on the face, and, of course, to puffiness and bags under the eyes. Buy yourself a good pillow that will lift your head and get rid of facial puffiness. the pillow should return to its shape well - this is a guarantee that it will last a long time. and try to sleep on your back. if it does not work and you involuntarily find yourself on your side while sleeping - buy a restraining "clamp" - it is similar to a c-shaped pillow for use in a car seat or when flying in an airplane.

    Protect the skin under your eyes from the sun.
    The skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive that it reacts to the sun faster than any other area. and as we age, this sensitivity manifests itself in pigmentation. so apply eye cream with spf 30 daily, regardless of the weather, but avoid contact with the eyes and eye mucosa when applying it.

    apply makeup gently.
    When applying concealer, use small, soft brushes. if you do it with your hands, follow the example of makeup artists and use your ring finger and light patting motions. the delicate eye area should not feel any pressure or friction.

    save the tea bags.
    After you have enjoyed a cup of tea, don't throw away the tea bags. put them in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. then lie down and place the cooled tea bags over your eyes for 15 minutes. this affordable treatment will relax you and your skin and get rid of puffiness and dark discoloration around the eyes.

    buy retinol cream.
    Retinol is a useful anti-aging ingredient for the face in general, but it is also beneficial for the eye area. retinol cream helps lighten dark spots, reduces wrinkles by increasing collagen production. after continued use of retinol cream, the skin around your eyes will be noticeably brighter, lighter and younger looking.

    flush your sinuses.
    Swelling and dark circles under the eyes can be the result of a cold or allergic runny nose. then the simplest procedure of nasal flushing will help. it is better to use a special kettle with a long spout for this purpose. flushing consists in drawing the liquid into one nostril and out of the other. flushing the nose will remove stagnant mucus and fluid in the nasal area, and as a consequence - swelling and bags under the eyes will disappear.

    always remove your makeup before going to bed.
    Makeup left on overnight irritates the skin of the face, especially the sensitive skin around the eyes. it also traps fluid in the skin overnight as it clogs pores and blood flow. be sure to remove makeup with a makeup remover or oil. and then apply a retinol cream overnight. if you can't wash off your makeup, buy a set of makeup remover wipes to make the process easy even if you don't have hot water.

    Use cold.
    Take a rule to freeze two metal spoons before going to bed. it is best to rinse them with water beforehand to have an icy layer on top. in the morning, take out the spoons and apply the round side to your eyes for 5-10 minutes. the cold reduces puffiness, relaxes the skin and improves blood circulation. then you can keep your concealer in the fridge as well, so that the product plays the role not only of a concealer but also of a cooling cream.


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