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  • Smoking cessation does not lead to weight gain
    Опубликовано: 2023-10-07 10:10:49

    Paragraph 1: Introduction

    Many smokers resist the idea of quitting because of fears that it will lead to excess weight gain. However, recent research conducted by the University of New Zealand's Otago County has disproved this stereotype. Researchers studied a group of residents consisting of 1,000 men and women for nearly a quarter of a century.

    Paragraph 2: Long-term study

    The participants were about 15 years old at the beginning of the study, and the experiment ended when they were about 38 years old. Throughout this period, researchers regularly interviewed participants about their attitudes toward smoking and also measured their weight.

    Paragraph 3: Smoking cessation and weight gain

    At the start of the study, more than 30% of the participants were smokers at the age of 21. However, when they reached the age of 38, 40% of them had quit smoking.

    Paragraph 4: Initial weight gain

    A comparison of participants' weight data at baseline with those who quit smoking showed that after quitting cigarettes, both men and women experienced some weight gain (up to 5 kg) in the first few months.

    Paragraph 5: Temporary weight gain

    Interestingly, however, this extra weight gradually disappeared thereafter. On average, just over a year after the last cigarette smoked, participants' weight matched their initial weight if they had continued to smoke.

    Paragraph 6: Conclusion

    The University of Otago study confirmed that quitting smoking is not necessarily accompanied by weight gain. Although there is a temporary increase in body weight after quitting cigarettes, it appears to be short-lived and over time the body regains its normal weight. These results may provide additional motivation for those considering quitting smoking in the name of health.

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