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  • Back care: scoliosis in children
    Опубликовано: 2024-02-28 10:10:03

    Scoliosis is a serious disease that is characterized by curvature of the spine and can lead to impaired function of internal organs. Scoliosis is especially common in children, particularly schoolchildren, due to incorrect posture when sitting and improper distribution of the load on the spine when wearing a backpack. In this article, we will consider methods of treatment and prevention of scoliosis in children.

    The most important step in the prevention of scoliosis in children is a careful observation of their posture and the development of the musculoskeletal system. It is recommended to purchase an orthopedic mattress to properly support the child's back and encourage them to perform independent activities such as sitting, standing and walking without additional cushions or devices.

    If scoliosis is suspected, it is important to see an orthopedic doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Usually the treatment of scoliosis includes therapeutic gymnastics, wearing special corsets and observing the daily regimen and diet. It is important to start treatment as early as possible, as the curvature of the spine is correctable only until 15-16 years of age.

    Daily regimen and diet
    For children with diagnosed scoliosis, it is important to observe a special regime of the day and nutrition. It is necessary to avoid heavy loads on the spine, provide a good sleep on a hard mattress and a flat pillow. It is also recommended to diversify the diet with dishes rich in trace elements, and frequent walks in the fresh air.

    Water procedures
    Swimming and water gymnastics are effective methods of treatment of scoliosis in children. Swimming helps to strengthen the back muscles and the correct formation of posture. Regular exercise in the pool can help improve the condition of the spine and prevent further development of scoliosis.

    Psychological support
    It is important to provide your child with psychological support during scoliosis treatment. Wearing a corset or carrying out treatment procedures can cause discomfort and negative emotions in the child. Therefore, parents should explain to him that these measures are necessary for his health and are temporary.

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